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Gaol Record Detail For: Robert Hawker

Record ID:28094
Commital Year:1850
Reference Doc:BLARS QGV13/1
ID in Reference Doc:7
Education:Read Imperfectly
Form of Religion:Church of England
Marital Status:Single
Next of Kin:Brother John. White's Hill, Nr Cinderford. Gloucester.
Offence:Sheep stealing
Date Received:12/12/1850
When Committed:19/09/1850
Trial/Conviction Date:15/10/1850
Trial Type:Quarter Sessions
Place of Trial/Conviction:Gloucester
Type of Gaol:Bedford County Gaol
Sentence:10 [years]
Separate Confinement:Gloucester 2 months
No. of Previous Convictions:1
Previous Conviction Details:Once tried for robbery, but acquitted.
How Disposed:Removed to Dartmoor
Discharge Date:26/12/1851
General Remarks on Prisoner:C.2.12. May 25 6 months exemp August 25 3 months 1B. [letters] 10:2;51, 25:10:51.

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