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Winter Maintenance Updates

Whether it’s gritting the borough’s roads or providing school transport, Bedford Borough Council believe it’s important that you know how we are working to keep you and your family safe and sound.

Weather forecast valid from noon on (03 Oct 2016) to noon on (04 Oct 2016)

Bedford Borough Councils winter service operates between 24 October and 14 April

Gritting Update

Gritting Update for the - 03 Oct 2016

Forecast Action:
These pages will be updated again in October

Last updated?: 03/10/2016 12:13:05

Footpaths and pavements gritting update for the - 03 Oct 2016

Forecast Action:
No gritting planned

Last updated?: 03/10/2016 12:13:05

Public Transport

Public transport update for the - 19 Oct 2016

Details of disruption due to weather conditions are shown below. Changes to services due to roadworks and road closures can be viewed on the Service Disruption page.

Status update:

Bus services are currently planned to operate a full schedule as published. Live bus departure information can be found on our RTPI information page. Public transport timetables can be found on our timetables page.

Stagecoach 50 Service through Sharnbrook - 24/10/16 - 29/10/16 between these dates this service will be diverted along Church Lane > Odell Road. Bus stops on Lodge road & High Street North will not be served during this closure and passengers who normally use these stops on this service will be directed to Church Lane instead.

Last updated?: 19/10/2016 12:29:37

School Transport

School transport update for the - 08 Jun 2016

Status update:
Bedford Borough home to school transport is planned to operate as normal.

Due to heavy rainfall 07/06/16, Transport Officers have carried out bridge checks this morning and will continue to monitor road and weather conditions, liaise with operators and updates will be published on this page.

Last updated?: 08/06/2016 04:41:14

Adult Transport

Adult and elderly transport update for the - 08 Jun 2016

Status update:
Bedford Borough Adult Social Care transport is currently operating a normal service on all routes.

Last updated?: 08/06/2016 04:41:14

Waste Collection

Waste collection update for the -   24 October 2016

Details of disruption to waste collection due to weather conditions are shown below.

Status update:
All collections are proceeding as normal.

Last updated?: 24 October 2016

Gritting of Bedford Borough roads

You can see plans of the roads that we grit to ensure that all main routes in Bedford Borough are safe and clear of ice.

The gritters tracked on the map below cover the main routes across the Borough. Additional gritting is carried out on some minor urban roads. You can view a plan of the roads that are treated.

We have reciprocal arrangements in place with neighbouring councils to ensure that we all make best use of our gritting vehicles. Therefore, some of our gritters cross into neighbouring administrative areas, and some of our roads will not be covered by the gritters that you see tracked on the map below. Full details of these arrangements can be seen in our Bedford Winter Maintenance Policy and Operational Plan.