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Is my school open today ( 12/12/2017 )?

This site has been created to inform the general public of a school's status (i.e. whether it is closed or open). Below is a list of all schools, who subscribe to the school closure notification service, in Bedford, along with their status information for today ( 12/12/2017 ). The information on this page is updated / refreshed automatically, so there is no need to regularly refresh your browser.


Please be aware that a blank entry does not necessarily mean that a school is open. It may be that the decision to close has not yet been taken so information may appear at any time. If your child's school is not on this list you will need to contact the school directly.

School Name Status Period Closure Notes
Alban Church of England Academy Open All Day The school will be open as normal on Tuesday 12th December.
Balliol Primary School Open All Day School is open today. Please take care on your journey.
Bedford Road Primary School
Biddenham Secondary School
Brickhill Primary School
Broadmead Lower School Open All Day A path has been cleared. Please bring your child/children straight in.
Bromham Primary School
Camestone Primary School Open All Day School is open today for all who can get here safely. Please take extra care on your journey to school.
Carlton Primary School
Castle Newnham Primary
Castle Newnham Secondary School
Cherry Trees Nursery School
Christopher Reeves Primary School Partial Closure Morning School will have a delayed opening at 10am for those who can get here safely.
Cotton End Primary School
Daubeney Academy
Edith Cavell Primary School Open All Day Paths have been cleared and salted. Please take care and stick to cleared paths.
Eileen Wade Primary School
Goldington Green Academy
Goldington Secondary Academy Open All Day School is open
Great Denham Primary School
Greys Education Centre Full Closure All Day Greys Education Centre will be closed on Tuesday, 12th December due to school transport being cancelled.
Harrold Primary Academy
Hazeldene Primary School
Kempston Challenger Academy
Kempston Rural Primary School
King's Oak Primary School
Kymbrook Primary School Open All Day School is open, including preschool, breakfast club and after school club.
Lakeview Primary School
Lincroft Secondary School
Livingstone Primary School Full Closure All Day School will be closed today.The main entrance to the school on Slade Walk is very icy and dangerous for driving and walking despite being gritted yesterday. Hopefully it will be cleared by tomorrow.
Mark Rutherford Secondary Academy Open All Day School is open
Marston Vale Middle School
Milton Ernest Primary School
Peter Pan Nursery School
Pinchmill Primary School
Priory Primary School
Ravensden Primary School
Renhold Primary School
Ridgeway School Full Closure All Day Ridgeway School will be closed today as Bedford Borough has suspended SEN transport.
Riseley Primary School
Roxton Primary School
Scott Primary School
Shackleton Primary School Full Closure All Day Unfortunately, Shackleton will be shut again today - Tuesday 12th December 2017. With the temperature dropping overnight the snow has frozen. There is far too much ice across the various paths, playgrounds and car park for it to be safe. We are continuing to do everything to clear this for tomorrow.
Sharnbrook Secondary Academy Open All Day School is open today with a slightly delayed start time of 8:40. Mainstream Schools Transport will be operating as normal though delays may be experienced, with the exception of Q90 which is cancelled. Special Educational Needs Schools Transport - Cancelled.
Sheerhatch Primary School
Southway Nursery School
Springfield Primary School
St James Primary School
St Lawrence Primary School
Thurleigh Primary School Open All Day School is open as normal. Please take care on your journey.
Turvey Primary School
Westfield School Open All Day School is open. Please use the main entrance again. Please take care on your journey.
Wilden Primary School
Wilstead Primary School Open All Day Open, please stay safe whilst making your way into school.
Wootton Lower School


The following schools do not subscribe to this service, please contact them direct.